Private Events

Our kitchens are always open for private events!

Whether your favorite class is sold out, or you want to celebrate something special, send us an email, and gather your friends for a private class just for you!

Private Classes

We are so excited to welcome groups back into our Pantry kitchen, and are currently planning for private in-person events.

We offer private classes for all sorts of situations. Want to celebrate a birthday or other milestone with family and friends located across the country? You can! Want to spend your work party cooking together? You can! Just send us an email at EVENTS@THEPANTRYSEATTLE.COM and we can start the process of finding the perfect fit for your event. The cost for a private class is typically $140 per guest, and we can accommodate up to 18 guests in our largest kitchen. For more details about how we can create the perfect event for your group, please send an email to We tend to plan several months out, so it's never to early to check in.

Private Dinners

Want to spend some time in the Pantry kitchen in a more casual way?

Join us for a private dinner, and let us do the cooking! The cost for a private dinner starts at $1,800, and we can accommodate up to 16 guests in our small kitchen, 24 guests in our large kitchen, and 40 guests in both kitchens. We can also accommodate up to 75 guests for a standing cocktail party. For more details about booking a private dinner at the Pantry, please send an email to EVENTS@THEPANTRYSEATTLE.COM.


Let the Pantry cater your event!

We specialize in unique dining experiences, with seasonal menus and family-style service. For more details about our catering services, please send an email to EVENTS@THEPANTRYSEATTLE.COM.

Catering FAQs

We offer catering services ranging from drop-off breakfasts, lunches and party buffets to full-service parties with chefs, servers and rentals.

We don’t have a minimum head count for catered events. While we specialize in events under 100 people, we can cater for up to 200.

All of our menus are created specially for your event and prices vary depending on the type and number of dishes served. This influences the cost of a meal much more than the type of service. However, due to the amount of labor required, buffet service is generally less expensive than family-style service, which is generally less expensive than plated service.

Every event is different and will have different staffing needs determined by size, style, formality, and location. We take all these factors into account when determining how many chefs, servers and bartenders to provide for your event. Making sure you have enough help for your celebration to flow smoothly is our priority; long lines and frustrated, hungry guests do not make a fun party. To give you a broad idea of guest-to-staff rations: We generally recommend 1 server per 20-25 guest for an appetizer buffet, 1 server per 15-20 guests for a buffet- or family-style seated meal, and one sever per 10 guests for a plated meal. Labor is billed at $40/hour and we require a 5-hour minimum engagement.

Absolutely. We can arrive early to decorate, assemble tables, polish glasses, set out chairs, etc. And we are happy to stay after a party to clean up and put everything away. There is no overtime fee for this.

Absolutely! We offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free versions of many of our menu items.

The Pantry does not provide traditional tiered wedding cakes. We can recommend bakeries that do. We can offer an assortment of layer cakes, cupcakes, pies and other baked goods–perfect for a rustic or picnic-style wedding!

No. No matter what the occasion (wedding, birthday celebration, anniversary, corporate event), we do not charge a fee for cutting your cake when we are providing the meal for the event.

The estimate we provide in your contract is based on a minimum guest count. If you reduce your guest count below this number, we will have to adjust the per-person price for your event. Your may change your guest count up to 10 days prior to your event.

Never. At The Pantry, we use local, seasonal and often organic ingredients. We believe dishes made from fresh, high-quality ingredients suffer when served in chafing dishes (food tends to steam in a chafing dish and lose its texture). Therefore, we serve a combination of hot, room-temperature and cold food, and make sure hot food is served immediately.

The Pantry offers everything from box lunches to formal sit-down dinners. There is almost always a way to have a lovely event within your budget. However, we do have a couple of unbreakable standards: 1) we will not under-staff an event and 2) we will not under-portion (nothing is worse than running out of food). Other than that, there are numerous ways to make sure an event is in line with your budget. We can vary the menu, beverages served, style and length of service, table setting and decorations, etc. to ensure your celebration is both memorable and affordable. We offer compostable, biodegradable tableware—great for a barbeque or a casual gathering. A picnic-style event is perfect for a summer wedding or office party. We can create a simple, rustic meal or a multi-course feast. Just let us know what your needs are—we’re always happy to work with you on creative solutions.